Diabetic Foot Orthoses:: Accommodative type foot orthoses that are molded over a model of the patient’s foot in order to evenly distribute forces over the patient’s foot.


  1. Any patient with diabetes – preventative measure to avoid ulcers and other problems.


  1. Non-diabetic patients.
  2. Severe ulceration
  3. The need for additional support (inserts may still be used as a component).


  1. Avoids high pressure areas on the foot. Therefore avoids ulcers, corns, and other pressure related problems.
  2. Prevents further deformation of the foot and ankle alignment.
  3. Custom provides an ideal fit for the patient


  1. More expensive than off the shelf type FOs.
  2. Requires time for fabrication.

 – Note – the main difference between these and other types of FOs is the material and the way that they are modified.

Orthopedic Shoes and Extra Depth Shoes

Custom Fit – Extra depth/In lay shoes:: Extra depth or in-lay shoes may be indicated for individuals presenting with a variety of foot disorders and/or diseases that are listed below. These type of shoes are to be custom fit to match the needs of the individual. The fit may or may not include accommodation of deformity or high pressure areas. A list of foot disorders and/or diseases that may be involved include the following:

    1. Diabetes
    2. Peripheral Vascular Impairment/Disease
    3. History of ulceration
    4. Loss of sensation
    5. Forefoot amputation (note – would also require partial foot accommodation)
    6. Severe pes planus
    7. Metatarsalgia
    8. Hammertoes
    9. Pes Cavus
    10. Leg Length Discrepancy



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