Michael Plafker, CPO, Owner

Michael has been treating amputees and those in need of orthopedic bracing for the past 20 years.  After a brief stint as an industrial engineer, Michael initially worked as an orthotic and prosthetic technician for several years before earning his graduate certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics from Northwestern University.  With extensive fabrication knowledge and the ability to think outside the box, Michael works collaboratively with his patients to create a solution to their orthopedic problems.  Certified in C-leg,  Rheo, Plie’ knees as well as Walk-aide, stance control orthoses and others, Michael keeps current on the latest technologies to provide these to his patients when appropriate, and an advocate for them to third party payers.




Emily Lund Alnagem, CMF, Business Manager

Certified Mastectomy Fitter. Emily grew up in the O & P industry learning the administrative/billing side of the business while working for her father’s O & P company. While obtaining her bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Economics she was introduced to Mastectomy Fitting and given the opportunity to meet with and fit clients. Emily states, “I had always been witness to the good we provided working in this industry but I had never felt the joy myself of playing a large role in someone’s well being and recovery. I am thankful my life has taken me in a direction that I am able to continue doing mastectomy work and aiding women in restoring their sense of femininity.” Emily has now been fitting women with mastectomy products for over 14 years. Her goal as a mastectomy fitter is to make sure clients leave our office feeling happy and confident about themselves and the products they have chosen.


Daniel Ballarin, CPO

Daniel Ballarin is a certified Prosthetist/Orthotist who works with San Francisco Prosthetic Orthotic, Inc.  Daniel is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. He received his bachelors in biology from the University of Nebraska and went on to study Prosthetics and Orthotics at Northwestern.  Daniel was introduced to the field when he met his wife’s family, who’s brother is an amputee and mother is a brace wearer.  It was perfect for learning about the daily struggles that our patients go through.  He is really active and loves rock climbing. He and his wife just had their first baby in 2015 and he is back from paternity leave.



 Thomas Herman, CP

Thomas Herman is a Certified Prosthetist who works with San Francisco Prosthetic Orthotic Service, Inc.  Thomas is a bilingual San Francisco Native. His father is a CPO so he grew up in the industry. He found that helping people is what he is here to do. It motivated him to study Prosthetics at California State University Dominguez Hills. After graduating in 2008, he moved back to San Francisco and started working here at SF Prosthetic Orthotic Service. He decided to continue his education and went back to CSU for orthotics in 2013. After graduating a second time, he is back working with us. He enjoys the outdoors and spends his weekends camping and exploring the California coast.



Joe Muller, CO

Joe Muller is certified Orthotist who works with San Francisco Prosthetic Orthotic Service, Inc.  Joe is a San Francisco native. After high school, he spent a few years playing with the idea of being an actor and did some construction work. He went to CCSF and when the recession of the 90’s hit, he panicked. He quit school and got a full time job working as a technician for a small biotech company in South San Francisco. Over the course of 16 years he worked his way up to lab manager/research associate in the biotech industry. During that time, he decided that biotech was not for him but worked while his wife Nicole finished school. After she graduated, he enrolled at SFSU in the Kinesiology department with the hopes of a career in health and human services. He graduated with a bachelors in science in 2010. He continued on to California State University Dominguez Hills and completed his masters degree in 2012.  Joe currently in the process of board certification for prosthetics and is looking forward to his career in O and P.






Emma Cheung, On Lok Lifeways, SF. · May 4, 2012 at 4:51 pm

I just wanted to thank Thomas in advance for his willingness to meet with our physical therapists and provide us with an in-service on the latest development in the field of orthotics and prosthetics to benefit our seniors. We look forward to meeting you on Monday, May 14th, at 3:30pm. Our meeting place is on 1333 Bush Street, SF. Please email me if there is anything (e.g. A/V set up ) I can prepare beforehand for the in-service. Thank you again for your support of our staff education. Emma Cheung, PT

James McCormick · September 20, 2014 at 7:19 pm


Two questions. I was given orthotics from you about a year or two ago and I need to replace them. What would the process be?

When I was treated by you you gave me a very useful handout about alternating ice/heat treatment for injuries. I would love to get another copy of that. Can you help?


Jim McCormick

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